Founded in the year 1950
Chairman: Mr. Johnson LU
Facility: Taipei Office / Da-Jia Mill / Dongshi Fruit Bag warehouse
Employee: near 200

Core Value: Quality, Professional, Globalization, Efficiency. 


Main Products: Virgin Greaseproof bags, Shopping bags, Paper liner, Gift paper bags, Custom print paper bags,
                         Paper Straw, Bakery bag, Deli paper wrap, Paper Placement, Cup sleeve

Production Machine: Over 70 units include Beater, High-Speed Perforated, Multifunctional Bag machine, Square Bag,
                                  Handle Bag, Flexo Printing, Ink Maker. 

Monthly Production Capacity: 165 million pcs 

With the spirit of professional research and development innovation, we are committed to pursuing "environmentally friendly, exquisite and elegant packaging" to enhance the "high added value" of the products entrusted by our customers. Therefore, the exclusive research and development of the "Agricultural Fruit Growth Protection Bag," "Eco-Friendly Paper Bag," and "Special Paper Processing" by the Juang Jia Guoo team have become the core values that we pride ourselves on.

Packaging is our mission!

We encourage the Juang Jia Guoo team to carry forward the business philosophy of "good circulation", actively implement the food safety policy of "quality assurance", "customer satisfaction" and "continuous improvement", and cherish the "Taiwan's No.1" reputation to ensure the "industry's No.1" centennial honor. This is the true guarantee for all the staff and customers of Juang Jia Guoo to "share the same fate, create good karma and share Juang Jia Guoo". At the same time, this is also the most sacred mission of the Juang Jia Guoo team!

Ensuring health and safety

The Juang Jia Guoo team is committed to providing high-quality paper bags, high-quality services, reasonable prices, and a commitment to non-polluting raw materials for our customers. We are in compliance with the international food safety management ISO22000 certification, ensuring quality assurance, and allowing you to eat with peace of mind and use with confidence. We respect the differences in each market and work closely with our customers to obtain orders and back orders for cooperation and distribution at home and abroad, creating a trusted win-win long-term cooperative relationship.