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2019.06.19-06.22 The 31st Taipei International Packaging Industry Show
A respected packaging machinery show supported by a well-developed industry, TAIPEI
PACK has for over 30 years been the premier choice for industry professionals to scout
the latest technologies and packaging machinery solutions. Now at its 31st edition, 
TAIPEI PACK will unwrap more smart machinery and manufacturing to fulling the 
increasing packaging demand from food/beverage processing, pharmaceutical and
personal care markets.
2019.03.16-03.18 2019 Taipei International Bakery Show
2018.11.16-11.19 Taiwan International Coffee Show
This exhinbition is known as the " Asian Indicator Coffee Festival". 
It has held many international events over the years. 
For example, WCE, the world's largest coffee event organization, 
visited WCE ALL-Stars. Taiwan in 2016 became an important coffee-making country 
in the Asia-Pacific region. 
2018.10.05-10.07 Bakery world
Bakery World 2018 is the first and largest baking and food service exposition in the Visayas
with exhibitors ranging from supplies, equipment, ingredients, services, and packaging solutions.
2018.09.15-09.20 Munich IBA
2019.06.27-06.30 Indonesia AgroFood Expo
Indonesia AgroFood Expo is the exhibition of agricultural products covering food crops, horticulture, plantations, livestock, fishery products, forest products, processed foods and technology.
2020.12.16-12.18 Online Taiwan Expo in India
Online Link: Taiwan Expo Online