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The UPM worker union announced on March 25th that the strike was officially ended. The UPM accepted the conditions of the trade union. The UPM chairman was interviewed and concluded it is in the company's best interest to yield and cut the losses. Nevertheless,  the strike does end here but the raw paper shortage isn't. The delivery time for European customers is about 2~3 months, and the delivery time for customers outside Europe is about 5 months.
Pulp and paper industry seeks PMO’s intervention
The Indian Paper Company wrote to the Prime Minister\'s Office that India will face a massive shortage of paper. In the evening of 0149, the Indian Paper Association (IPMA) sent a letter to the Prime Minister\'s Office, requesting the government to give priority to supplying carbon materials to the power plants operated by the paper mills. , coupled with the recent surge in carbon prices, the paper mills\' self-operated or cooperating power plants are almost out of material, and warned that if the Prime Minister is unwilling to provide enough carbon to the paper mills, the recent all-India culture/food/packaging applications will be There is a large-scale shortage of paper.
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Paper bag factory JUANG JIA GUOO joins the national mask team
He made the first place in the 3 cents business
President Johnson LU manages with mindfulness to build a paper bag kingdom
30 cents of goods sold to 600 million! Fruit, fried chicken, and mask packaging all rely on "it"
Taiwan Money Go TV Part 4  Famous fast food chain love to use  Food paper Packaging Stealth champion
Taichung Broadcasting FM100.7 - Centre Epic Man. Host: DJ WenZhen
Only selling paper bags over 44 years Grabbing the leading supermarket order

At the age of twenty-three, Johnson's father gave him the bread bag factory which has been in the sunset industry.
After handing it over to him, he went to teach around the world.
From no career to establishing a paper bag kingdom as well as from having the performance to exporting more than 40 countries,
Insisting is the only belief of Johnson Lu.

Pulp availability and punctual deliveries remain top issues on the agenda
Pulp prices in Western Europe are moving higher. Amidst strong demand, however, the primary concern for converters are not prices but pulp availability. This was also discussed by market players in Milan, where the industry met for a spring symposium.
How did JUANG JIA GUOO turn over by "fruit bagging" and become the first paper bag king in Taiwan?
It was so miserable that there were only 9 employees left! How did JUANG JIA GUOO turn over by "fruit bagging" and become the first paper bag king in Taiwan?